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Accounting and Financials

World-Class Financials.

With the Acumatica financial systems behind your dealership you'll be able to keep track of every aspect of your dealership’s financial operations: accounts receivable and collections, accounts payable, general ledger and financial reporting.

Powerful Financial Analysis. 

The financial dashboards let you manage the pulse of the business.  And the financial reports, with “in-report”, drill-down and analysis features give you the tools to get quick answers to financial questions.

Audit Trails and Accountability. 

Forget about untraceable financial transactions and one-sided journal entries.  You control everything that’s been a problem for other dealerships with weak financials.  Some examples: making past periods closed to new financial transactions, forcing CFO approval of large credit memos, and using emails to send out all customer communications.

Integrated Credit Management. 

Manage Credit Exposure using a single policy for customer credit management that covers for all revenue-generating aspects of your dealership.

Multi-State Tax Accounting. 

Establish tax jurisdictions for every different state and municipality you sell into.

Integrated Billing and Customer Statements.  

Turn today's "paper-work" into tomorrow's reduced overhead.  Control all aspects of invoicing, customer statements and financial processing using the built-in work flow engine.

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