Dealership Management

Manage Floor Loans. 

Make sure you move the right equipment before your bank loans come due.


Control Time-Sensitive Sales Incentives. 

Manage promotions, holiday specials, and special discounts offered by your manufacturers.


Support for multiple locations. 

View your equipment inventory across all your warehouses at each branch location.


Manage Branch Profit and Loss. 

Run each branch like a profit center; get proper branch profitability for compensating branch managers and commissioned salespeople.


One-click Commissions. 

Handle complicated commission calculations, including splits and payment-based commissions.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 

Enjoy a robust set of CRM capabilities for managing your sales pipeline, opportunity management, email campaigns, and call-backs; watch your top-deals from your executive dashboard.  Use real metrics to measure sale force productictivity.

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