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Equipment Rental

One Platform for Everything.

DynaRent combines product catalog, pricing, commissions, taxation, credit and all the other sales and rental information you need in a single integrated system.  You get the highest level of integration possible.

Easily Understood Availability Information. 

 DynaRent packs multiple different views of equipment availability into a few important screens and prompts.  There’s a status line that instantly tells you what’s available on the date you need it.  There’s a color-coded graphic calendar for availability in the coming weeks.  There’s a screen for multi-site availability of equipment across all your locations.  All with drill-down an intelligence like you've never seen.

Advanced Features Many Companies Need.   

DynaRent is packed with advanced features.  Some examples: automatic emails for important events like: delivery, equipment return; and subrented equipment.  You can use kits to group commonly used items under a single description or single price.  You can manage customer insurance limits against any new order’s equipment replacement value.  And much, much more. 

Embedded Mobile Apps (at no Additional Cost).  

You receive a set of mobile apps for important remote functions: pictures of damaged returns, delivery signatures, a driver app for your delivery staff, and a yard app for handling returns.   All of this comes with no extra user fees or license restrictions.

Flexible Billing Options.   

You can handle complicated billing transactions right down to the simple, counter sales. 

Other Important Billing Features.  

You can bill for excess odometer usage; automatically billing for damages; handle walk-in business with “Quick bill”.  And you can centrally manage your pricing rules so that your larger customers get their discounts without your sales counter having to get involved in pricing decisions. 

Improved Return Processing.  

Streamline return processing using the "return all" feature or override that by returning one item at a time.  Use the inspection steps and documentation to handle OSHA compliance and to maintain safety standards.

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