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Service and Repair

Service Department Profitability. 

Slice and dice your service call data: by technician, by service, by branch, by customer, by equipment type.

Technician Whereabouts. 

Use call-phone GPS to stay on-top of your service techs.

Automatic Routing. 

Configure and route each day's field work. Just assign the service orders and let DealerSoft plan the routes. 

Preventive Maintenance. 

Between critical repairs, keep your service techs busy on scheduled maintenance.

Service Order Management.

Use the work flow engine to control the creation and process flow of service orders; use your mobile phone to obtain customer sign off after the work is done.


Repair Technician Time Collection.

Allow technicians to use mobile time collection for measuring actual service order labor; roll this up to an executive dashboard to see real time profitability of jobs in progress and recently completed.

Service and Repair History. 

Tell your customers to stop keeping records of machine service and repair history. 

Service Contract Renewals. 

Stay on top of your customer service contracts with email alerts. Let the system automatically signal both your customers and your service managers when contracts are coming up for renewal.

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